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Satuday Fright Theater round Logo Welcome to the award winning Saturday Fright Theater. Where you can see the best movies public domain has to offer.
We give you the classics with a twist. Erik, Carli, and friends have been known to jump into the movie and give you a PSA, or Paranormal Service Announcement when it’s most needed.
You know those times when you want to shout at the screen “don’t run up the stairs!”, or “don’t pick up that hitchhiker!” it’s at those moments that we head into the movies and give you “the more you know” speech.

You will also see us heading into the movies for a Paranormal Movie Investigation. Some movies we just can't help but to jump in and solve the mystery of the screaming skull, or find out why everyone keeps checking in, but not checking out, of the Horror Hotel. When we gear up, and head into a movie we have to be ready for anything from atom-age vampires to voodoo zombies.

During the breaks we are going to bring you some of the greatest talent out there in the independent film scene. We have interviews with filmmakers from all over thw world, so make sure you sit back, relax, and enjoy Saturday Fright Theater: Where Every Night is a Frightful Night When You’re Watching a Movie.

Saturday Fright Theater
Nicki Harris from Horror Hotel 2016

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