Saturday Fright Theater

Satuday Fright Theater round Logo Welcome to the "In the Land of Cleve" Award winning Saturday Fright Theater, 'Where every night's a Frightful Night when you're Watching a Movie.'
We bring you some of the best/worst schlock in public domain horror, sci-fi and comedy movies.

It's not just your run of the mill re-play though, join us, your horror hosts with the most, as we riff, lampoon and just plain make fun of these old B-movies. However we add a little more than your normal horror hosts.

Starting in 2016 we will be presenting "Paranormal-Movie Investigations". What are "Paranormal-Movie Investigations", or PMI, you ask? Simple; Erik, Carli, Rob, and Gresselmania will be solving mysteries that occur in our movies. No job will be too small when it comes to solving the case. From invisible ghosts, cat-woman on the moon, atom-age vampires, or even teenage zombies we will ensure that you have a side-splitting good time watching these classic stinkers.

We all grew up watching Big Chuck and Lil' John and fell in love with the genre of horror hosts. Cleveland, and Northeast Ohio, has been home to more horror hosts than you can count, and now we can add our names to that list. If you are a fan of Cleveland horror hosts such as Ghoulardi, The Ghoul, and of course Big Chuck & Lil' John then sit back, stay tuned, and enjoy the movie folks.

Saturday Fright Theater
Nicki Harris from Horror Hotel 2016

Cleveland Horror Host Saturday Fright Theater