Satyrday Fright Theater:
Cast & Crew

Erik bio pics Erik "Easy E" William is the Co-Producer of Saturday Fright Theater. He has been featured in several films, stage, and television productions. He is currently the host of Saturday Fright Theater, and Indie Films Backstage.

Carli bio picsCarli Luca is a co-host for Saturday Fright Theater. She is a graduate of The Ohio Media School (formerly Ohio Center for Broadcasting). Carli is the reigning "Scream Queen" champion on Saturday Fright Theater.

Alex bio picsAlex, or "GresselMania" as he is know on the show, is the co-producer, and camera operator for Saturday Fright Theater. He is a graduate of the Ohio Media School (formerly Ohio Center for Broadcasting), and is an award winning film editor.

Saturday Fright Theater:
Interview with Nathan Ludwig from Horror Hotel 2016

Filmed at Horror Hotel Internatioinal Film Festival 2016

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